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Planning A Trip To Vietnam - A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Traveling to Vietnam and have lots of questions? Then you will love “A Helpful Illustrated Guide To Planning A Trip To Vietnam!” This article is chock full of useful information for both new and experienced travelers to Vietnam so don’t spend weeks doing research when you can use the time to plan the perfect Vietnam trip instead! While it’s impossible to include every bit of information that all travelers need, we are extremely proud of this comprehensive article and believe it will be an invalu

Vietnam Guide for Health Conscious Nomads

The best places to be productive while working remotely are cafes and tea shops. And luckily, urban Vietnam has a legendary cafe culture with venues to suit every taste. Some individuals may prefer to work in almost complete silence, in which case they should seek out a “book cafe” meant especially for working and reading. Some examples for each of Vietnam's three main expat cities are: Note that the examples above are all popular and can get crowded. The quietest book cafes are in small alley

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